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This business system was developed over 10 years ago & embodies a global community of like minded men and women who are passionate about assisting individuals with the teachings of our proven business system and Personal Growth principles. 

Lise Reitsma

"After nearly 35 years in the motor industry at Senior levels I'd really had enough of not seeing my kids and the long hours away from home. I went searching for a better way to live my life. I needed a business that would allow me to be flexible and for it to work around me and my family. Not having me work around it. I choose what I do now for a few reasons - I knew it could give me the freedom I was looking for and all the while maintain the luxuries my family was used to. The fact that it's in an industry I love is a real bonus. Nowadays I travel for fun, I get to spend time with my grandkids & I could never do in the traditional career world. I'm earning an executive level income with my best month being in excess of $54,000USD profit. Gotta love that right?" - Bruce Partridge, New Zealand

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Caroline Hope

Mentor, Mum, Entrepreneur

Welcome! If you have landed here, it is not by accident. 

Hi, I'm Caroline Hope.   I've been a lifelong student of personal growth so having my own business in the Personal Development industry really lights me up.  If feeding your own growth and that of others  ignites you too, this business may be exactly what you're looking for to help you achieve the future you deserve.

My hometown is glorious Sydney Australia. I’m an independent  divorced mum of two.  I can't believe I have a teenage son who's 13 now, he's taller and way stronger than me!  
And I'm also blessed to have my beautiful daughter who is a force of nature at 10.

An early dog walk with my daughter on the morning of her 10th birthday. She adores her furry friends!

A sunset boat trip back to our idyllic island Phu Quoc during a trip to Vietnam with Greg. It was a little piece of  heaven on earth just prior to the onset of the pandemic.

With my camera-shy boy in such a spontaneous and joyful picture at one of Sydney’s tucked away bay beaches.  We’d been stand-up paddle boarding all morning!

A Blue Mountains winter getaway celebrating our anniversary. There’s nothing like rugging up with an open fire, cheese, wine and downtime!

The wake up call that led me to start my own business:

After a long marriage, my divorce 5 years ago spurred me onto a major growth journey. I learned to meditate, found solace in silence, and read several  life-changing books such as Power vs Force and The Power of Now.  Slowly, I started reclaiming my own path.

The major aftershock of divorce for me was related to my financial circumstances. I vividly remember waking up at 3am shortly after my separation and thinking,"Girl, you are in deep trouble."

I felt the pressure to work every hour of the day and night to recoup my losses.  Sadly, what suffered most was quality time with my children, and my own health.  There is no more telling yardstick for our overall wellness than our body!   It took me awhile to acknowledge that the symptoms I was experiencing derived from a much deeper cause - my increasing sense of disconnection with what I was doing at work everyday.  Sure, I needed to make a good living, but I was so stressed out and unfulfilled.  The price of success had simply become too high to bear. 

I'd always thought that the kind of lives I truly aspired to  - joyful, liberated and enriched - were lived by 'other people'.  Now I know that lifestyle is possible for anyone who lives 'on purpose' and sets their mind and heart  to it.  I'm living proof of that!

The 'Aha' moments that changed my life:

Aha #1: A conscious exit from the herd: I was trapped in corporate life and I felt I was 'doing the right thing' by staying in jobs that no longer inspired me. I was depleted, felt undervalued and I knew that I needed to completely reinvent my future to create true financial abundance for myself and the children. 

Aha  #2: Finding my own voice: My whole life I'd subconsciously put my faith in other people to take care of me financially. I'd never regarded myself as capable of creating true financial freedom  BY MYSELF. The giant step change is that I now know that the only person who can change my life and live autonomously  - IS ME.

Aha #3: Service to others is service to self: My business in the Personal Development industry is a completely unexpected way to move from just keeping my head above water - to actually crushing it!   I've rediscovered a passion for what I do, and every day I get to help  other people from all over the world reach their goals and grow in their thinking, too. 

The Upside of my Life Today: 

I parent on my own terms.  I never have to miss a family event due to 'work commitments'.

I have the time and flexibility to prioritise my health & wellness - bring on daily meditation and Pilates!

I've exceeded my previous Executive level corporate income working a fraction of the hours.

I've reclaimed my inner fire and I'm reaping the rewards in all areas of my life - it's so empowering!


Hear my story 

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"I was a stressed out, burnt out teacher in a tremendous amount of debt. I was searching for a way to achieve more time freedom while still earning a good income. These days I get to work from home around my two kids and have earned more in a month than I used to earn in an entire year in my teaching profession."- Lise Reitsma, BC Canada

Lise Reitsma

"I spent over 15 years in the corporate systems, where I found myself stressed, overworked, under-appreciated (and underpaid). I knew there was more to life than that, so I told myself I was ready for a change. It was important for me to believe in myself and my ability to create a lifestyle that best suits me. I love the person I am becoming through the products of this business and even more the business itself. I am proof that with the right mindset, support, tools and focus - you truly can visualise, dream and create the life you desire!"  Emily Adolph, USA

"I'm previously from the UK, currently living in Brisbane & prior to joining this business, I was a HR Director of a large company, and ran my own consulting firm. I was looking for time freedom, the ability to still make a difference and to replace my executive salary.                                    This business has ticked all my boxes and a whole lot more. I certainly have the time freedom, the products have changed my life, mostly by showing me how to be comfortable in my own skin and giving me the inner peace I so longed for, the support and community were the greatest surprise.  I have now replaced my executive level income & created a lifestyle that is much more enjoyable."  - Julie Spring, UK and Australia 

Bruce Partridge 

Julie Spring

If you want to live life on your own terms, with greater freedom, flexibility and fulfilment, get in touch or fill out the form above.

Emily Adolph